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Convenient Chapin Location - 725 Chapin Rd.

At Flex Squad Fitness, we are passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals. With our experienced trainers and supportive community, we create a positive and motivating environment for all.

Our services include high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training group classes offered 6 days a week, personal training, nutritional counseling, and open gym access daily. Whatever your fitness goals may be, we have something for you.

Group Class Times
Monday -Thursday
Morning classes start at 5:15, 6:15, 7:15, 8:15, and 9:15 am daily.
Afternoon classes start at 4:30 & 5:30 pm daily.
All morning classes, no afternoon classes.
8:15 & 9:15 am
Open gym is available outside of class times. Daily workout is posted in the gym and trainers' notes are available on member Facebook page.

Group Classes

Our group classes focus on HIIT and strength training and are led by our team of trainers, providing a fun and challenging workout experience. If you prefer a more individualized experience please ask about our personal training options. Join our community and push your limits.

Personal Training

Meet Our Trainers

Abby A.

Abby started working out in 2014 right out of high school at a CrossFit gym in Chapin. Soon after, she knew she would love to coach and her coaching career officially began in 2016. She's been coaching ever since! Abby enjoys a great challenge and loves to challenge others to achieve what they don't think is possible. When she's not working out or training others, you can find her with family- hopefully on a camping trip and exploring.

Cathy D.

Cathy and her husband Jay moved to Chapin 20 years ago where they have raised two sons. Cathy is an energetic, positive person who loves working with clients to motivate and encourage them to reach their goals. In her free time, you can find Cathy traveling, hiking, snowboarding, and wake surfing.

Chris R.

Coach Chris is a certified personal trainer who also holds a BS in Kinesiology. When Chris isn't in the gym at insanely early AM hours, you'll find him on a run (reliving his glory days when he was fast), attending his kids' events, working with various charitable organizations or working at any number of USC athletic events. Coach Chris loves to create fun and challenging workouts that not only keep training interesting, but also allow clients the ability to work toward whatever fitness goal they are chasing.

Ali T.

Ali's lifelong passion and achievements in soccer have shaped her approach to fitness and training. She has learned the importance of discipline and camaraderie which she brings to her sessions. Ali believes Flex Squad is home for those looking for support, encouragement, and motivation to achieve whatever their goals may be. To be a great teacher and leader, she says we have to be willing to learn from those around us. She strives to learn what motivates each client and helps them achieve their goals and find their passion in striving to be the best version of themselves.

Angaleia and Bobby Philips - owners and trainers

Angaleia discovered her love of fitness 5 years ago. She competed in a health and beauty contest and earned a top spot in the semi-finals for MS Health and Fitness in 2021. After the competition, Angaleia became a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and Yoga Instructor. She received her professional credentials through ISSA.

Angaleia is a wife, mother of four, and grandmother who works full-time running a real estate management company in addition to being a personal trainer. Her incredible drive is inspiring whether it be in life or fitness. Angaleia’s life is told through the stories in art tattooed on her body. She finds solace in fitness which translates to health and wellbeing, all within the walls of Flex Squad Fitness.

Bobby served eight years on active duty in the Marine Corps, with two tours to Iraq. He continues to serve as a Marine Reservist and a Captain in the Columbia Fire Department. He has been in fitness for ten years. Bobby also is a husband, father of four, and a grandfather who works full-time and maintains a high level of fitness. Like Angaleia, Bobby also finds comfort and calm through exercise.

Angaleia and Bobby work together to design workouts, train, and lead their members to accomplish the results they seek when they walk through the doors of Flex Squad Fitness. This is no ordinary gym. These two owners are dream deliverers and welcome everyone just like family. They support your goals with meaningful workouts created by themselves and their professional team of trainers, while you become the fittest and healthiest version of yourself. Each group class is unique and the exercises focus on different goals so that you can achieve a full-body workout each week through HIIT and Strength Training.

From David C. - member of 2 1/2 years
Flex squad is a great place to workout. They care about you as a person- the whole person, mind and body. You will see results when you get here if you commit yourself to the workouts. I have lost a considerable amount of weight. I'm in the best shape of my life! It's the first time I've been back in the gym in 30 years. It's addicting! I love the classes because you don't have to think about it. You come in and it's on the board ready to go. Every day it's different and the trainers push you and watch your form. You can work out 7 days a week with the open gym hours. I've lost 45 pounds and it's changed my life!


From Nicole R. - joined with her husband
We came to Flex Squad after Muv in Chapin closed. Angaleia has an incredible ability to empower women. I feel comfortable and confident coming to this gym. It truly is a family everybody cares about each other and watches out for one another. Everyone is welcoming and kind. 5:15 is our class of choice and I enjoy the mixture of workouts from all the trainers!
From Jessica W. -
Flex Squad is my Happy Place! It's a good family. I'm in my 40's and faster than I was in my 20's. The coaches are amazing. They encourage and motivate you. I've been a part of a lot of gyms in the past and this is by far my favorite. If you can't do something they give you an alternative. I'm able to do things that I thought I could never do in the past. The 5:15 am class is my favorite way to start the morning!
From Stacey T. -
Flex Squad is my release. I come here to get away from the stress of everyday life. I have a stressful job so to come here and know that we have constant support with our coaches is great. The members we are a family with a strong bond. Every coach has a different style which is great because there's so many levels of fitness here and so you get what you put into it. Everything about this gym is great! Everybody pushes each other. There is a lot of class options to meet everyone's lifestyle. The location is so convenient, only 5 minutes from the house. Even if you have a weird schedule and can't make the class times you can come during open gym and get the full workout in. They post the workout and tutorials are on the members Facebook page.

From Tyler W. - member since February 2023
Flex Squad means family to me. Coming in here every day with the coaches, it's a family atmosphere and there's no place I'd rather wake up and go to at 5:15 am or 6:15 am. It works great for my schedule since I work in downtown Columbia. One of my friends told me about it and I tried it out and have been here ever since. Health is my priority and since I started I've cut a lot of weight off, with the help of Angaleia and the trainers. I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. It's been fantastic!
From Justin T. - member of 3 years
I found out about Flex Squad by word of mouth. I like to jump around with my class times but 6:15 or 7:15 am is usually when I'm here. This gym is an extension of home. Everyone here is family. The instructors are passionate about physical fitness and it keeps you motivated. I'm more of a strength training guy but the trainers keep you guessing, it could be strength one day and cardio the next. It's a diverse lineup. Come in and try it out, you've got nothing to lose. You owe it to your body and your family and your health!

From Jenna M. - member since February 2023
I joined when Muv in Chapin closed. I'm a mom of 3, under the age of 6. I get up and get my daughter on the school bus and I come here to the 7:15 class and workout, then head back home to get my younger kids to school and daycare, so it's perfect timing. I love that Flex Squad is like family and community. I love the feeling of being pushed so when I come here I know that a lot is expected of me in the best way. The coaches know what you are capable of so they know if you can do more and they'll ask come on Jenna you can do more. I require extra motivation and I enjoy the coaching. I feel like this gym brings out the best in people. It makes you thankful for all your body can do and I just love the vibe here. A group of us moms push each other even outside the gym. Come and feel the community! There are a lot of fitness levels, everyone has some type of ailment and the modifications are awesome. This is what brings me mental sanity. I come here and I can just forget about everything for 45 minutes and give it my all and then I feel great starting my day!

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From Judy M. -
From the moment I stepped into the gym, I felt like a part of the Flex Squad family. The coaches and members are so supportive and caring that you can't help but to push yourself to do your best! With this support, I've definitely come WAY out of my comfort zone and am so glad I joined Flex almost a year ago!

What happens every day at Flex Squad. Members and trainers in action.

At Flex Squad, every day is filled with energy and determination as members and trainers come together to push their limits and achieve their fitness goals. The gym is alive with the sound of weights clanking, music pumping, and the encouraging cheers of fellow squad members. From early-morning workouts to late-night sweat sessions, the dedication and passion are palpable. Trainers tirelessly guide and motivate members, ensuring proper form and technique to maximize results. Whether it's a group class or one-on-one session, the atmosphere is always supportive and inclusive. Each day brings new challenges and triumphs, creating a sense of camaraderie among the squad. Flex Squad is not just a gym; it's a community of individuals striving for greatness, pushing boundaries, and transforming their bodies and minds.

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