About Us


  Welcome to Flex Squad Fitness, a premier HIIT Gym where lifestyles change, goals are met, and dreams are fulfilled. As the owners of Flex, Angaleia and Bobby Philips strive to make each person that walks through the doors a better version of themselves.

  Angaleia became big into fitness five years ago where she has since made it to semi finals for MS Health and Fitness in 2021. After the contest, Angaleia became a personal trainer, nutritionist, Yoga Instructor, and got her certifications through ISSA. She is a wife, mother of four, and a grandmother who works a full-time job running a company on top of being a personal trainer. There is no one who has the drive that she has whether it be in life or fitness. Angaleia’s life is told through the writings and art tattooed on her body. She finds solace through fitness which translates to health and wellbeing, all within the walls of Flex Squad Fitness.

  Bobby who served eight years on active duty in the Marine Corps, with two tours too Iraq, who is still a Marine Reservist and a Captain in the fire department, has been into fitness for ten years. Bobby also is a husband, father of four, and a grandfather who still works full time as well as maintaining high level fitness. Like Angaleia, Bobby also finds solace through fitness which also translates to a healthier, positive lifestyle.

  Angaleia and Bobby together are one, where they design workouts together, train together, and lead their members to the results they seek when they walk through the doors of Flex. This is no ordinary gym with no ordinary people leading, these two owners are dream delivers all the while, you feel like family while you achieve your goals.